Security Services Delhi

Yes, there are some best security services available. Thus, you can reach to 24 Secure Now for the reliable security services in Delhi.
We aim to provide 360-degree security solutions. We assure to make you feel safer. Thus, we make sure to provide well-trained professionals for your security.
The security service providers make available properly trained guards for you. Also, they offer both residential and commercial security. Hence, the service will provide a sense of protection to the people at a particular place.
We are one of the top security companies in Delhi. Thus, we provide different security guards as per your necessity. You can hire guards for in-house, government, and the ones working contractually. Also, you can hire armed or unarmed, uniformed security guards according to your need.
24 Secure Now offers the best security guard services in Delhi. We offer the following services:
  • Retail outlets and shopping malls
  • Hotel security
  • Bank security
  • Hospital and healthcare security
  • Residential security
  • Warehouse security
The charges may vary according to the service you want. So, it varies whether you are hiring for personal, residential, or commercial purposes.
Yes, 24 Secure now offers 24X7 security service. It is a leading security agency in Delhi offering round the clock security services.
We provide uniformed guards. But, it is entirely up to you whether you want uniformed or non-uniformed guards.
Yes, they are highly-trained. Every armed or unarmed guard you seek is properly trained. And, they always ensure your safety.
We are the most reliable security company in Delhi. Thus, we strictly check the background of the guards while hiring. Also, there is a proper selection process for a security professional.
Yes, we do provide bouncers. So, you can reach us to hire expert bouncers as per your need.
Since we are a comprehensive security solutions provider. Hence, proper training is given to the guards. They are well-trained to handle arms properly.
Yes, the charges may vary for the overnight guards. The charges of every service vary as per your requirement.
There are different payments plans according to your convenience. And, all the charges are different as per the demand of services.
Not every person around you has good intentions. So, whether you are a business owner, employee, or customer. The presence of a security guard ensures your safety. Thus, you can reach out to 24 secure services security guard Company in Delhi.
It will depend upon your need. So, if you demand uniformed security guards then you can hire one.
Almost every time, Delhi is always on high-alert for crimes. Thus, 24 Secure security agency in Delhi can help keep you and your place safe. We provide highly efficient guards to ensure your safety under every situation.
Professional security has become a necessity these days. Thus, you can rely on 24 Secure Now security company in Delhi. We are one of the top companies to provide well-trained guards for personal and commercial purposes.
Yes, we are ISO-9001:2015 and ISO 18001:2007 certified security company.
We provide round the clock safety and security across India. You can contact us for further details.
To help you protect your office compound or business outlet, there are security companies in Delhi. Also, security is very essential for any business. And, no threat is big or small. Thus, to secure your employees, valuables, and money you must hire a private security company.
Yes, it is completely worth it to pay for security guard services. After all, it is just a nominal amount for your residence, workplace, or personal safety.
Some of the essential tips are:
  • Make sure that the agency is registered and holds a license.
  • You can ensure the reliability by verifying the hired guard.
  • Also, you can meet the agency owner before hiring to strengthen your trust.
  • Never agree to hire any local guards.

There are a few key qualities that a security guard company in Delhi must have:

Training- A good security company always trains its recruits. So, make sure to hire only trained security guards.

Alertness & Quickness- The security personnel must be fit, alert, and quick. Therefore, the guard must have the agility to overcome any attack or security breach.

Accountability- There must be a performance analysis so that the security staff must be accountable for what they guard.

Savvy- A security firm needs to know every law- political, social, or economical that may risk the firm. Also, they must have the practical knowledge to make good judgements.