Training establishes a sound relationship between a security guard and his profession. It helps him to develop the right attitude and ability to work under dif cult environmental conditions. Training improves individual ability and capability to minimize security risk.


The aim of the training is to improve professional skill in order to maximize the protection of assets and personnel. This is possible if guard force is adequately trained on protection role and preventive means are effectively and intelligently deployed to protect asset target from threats.


Generally, training is arranged in phases covering 6 to 10 days duration depending upon date and time when the guards are required by the employing agencies. Thus based on security requirement, schedule and periods are readjusted in the detailed syllabus to provide clients specific focus to it.


Security Awareness

• Threats against personnel, of the organizations like kidnapping, etc.

• Threats against organization assets, like riots, vandalism. • Emergency management and Quick Reaction Team. • Socio – Political and ethnic groups in the vicinity.
• Anti organizational elements / groups inside the organization.
• Awareness about UN Human Rights.

The following specialized training events are also planned and conducted for Supervisor and Security Of cers :

• Emergency Management
• Communication / Quick Reaction Team, functions and composition
• Vigilance and discreet surveillance
• Intelligence gathering techniques
• Multi-Role Capability
• Investigation / Veri cation task.
• Disaster Management like Fire, Earthquake.


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